Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Before I start this post in earnest, please allow me to direct your attention to the awesome review and giveaway I've written over on Transatlantic Blonde.  If you're looking for some seriously comfy and pretty PJs, HOTmilk has got you sorted!

Anyway, I as the lack of posts lately would indicate, I seemed to have entered into that stage of tunnel vision unique to the last several weeks of pregnancy.  I'm finding it really difficult to focus on anything that's not directly related to preparing for the baby.  And in my mind "directly related" apparently means scrubbing the oven hood and eating my weight in peanut M&Ms.

It's true though, right now if a task doesn't seem to be getting me closer to being ready (whatever that means!), then it doesn't seem to be worth my time and attention.  This is why I can seem so productive in some areas, yet such a slacker elsewhere.  Although my house is getting cleaner and more organized, the downside of this is that I turn my back on the things that could make the next few weeks go faster:  Time with friends, writing, relaxing with my family.  Time moves a bit slower when you only stop nesting to analyze every Braxton Hick contraction and every twinge your body makes.

I want to enjoy this time.  I want to cherish these last few weeks as a family of three, and shower Iwan with love and attention, to make sure he doesn't feel short changed when the baby arrives.  But, man, it's hard to balance this with this need to prepare.