Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Two Months Old!

I'll take is "official" 2-month picture later today, but we had a bit of a rough morning and he's (finally) napping, so for now you'll have to be content with this cute shot from this morning.

Iwan is growing and changing so much everyday. He's so big and strong and healthy, people are always surprised to hear that he's only 8 weeks old. He's already hit some pretty exciting (well, to me anyway!) milestones. He waves his hands towards dangling toys and focuses with such intent, a couple of times he's even managed to grab them (although I don't know how intentional this was)- and is very pleased with himself when he does. His head and neck control are pretty awesome, and we think he might be ready for a Bumbo (he loooves to sit up). But my favorite milestones by far are the smiling and the cooing. Oh my, the cooing! Iwan loves to have conversations with me. When he's in a happy mood we'll talk all about his dreams and what toys he wants to play with. He loves to answer back with his patented "ah-goo!" or sometimes just "gooooo!" When he's in a content little mood he'll make happy chirping and squeaking noises. I like to imagine he's saying "ahhhh, it feels so great to get that poo off my bum, thanks Mommy!"

And the smiles! It's soooo nice to feel appreciated. Before he started smiling it was easy to feel like he didn't know me, which might sound odd, but at times I felt like "Milk Lady." As if my newborn baby boy only cared about the milk, not the mommy. But now he smiles at me while I'm nursing him, and I can tell they're Mommy Smiles, not Milk Lady Smiles. Let me tell you, those smiles make the sleepless nights much easier to deal with as well. When you wake up at 2 am, it's hard not to smile yourself at the cheeky grin of your baby. And this is important because sleep is something we're still working on. It's not terrible, but it's not great either. Iwan has slept through the night on 2 occasions, most nights he's up only once or twice. But last night. Oh, last night he was up.every.hour. Not even exaggerating. It was rough. We're getting through it though, and in the meantime I'm trying very hard to appreciate the extra cuddle time we get during those awakenings. I hear they're a bit hard to come by later on!

So, Happy 2 Month Birthday to my strong, sweet, smart, sturdy, smiley little man. I love you, Forever and Ever and Always.


  1. aw bless. nothing like that love for them when they are babies. mine are now 3 and 1, i can't beleive i have two! i havn't slept either, for the past 3 years. seriously, i have not had a whole nights sleep since i was about 6 months pregnant with my first! good luck, enjoy them while they are so beautiful, they turn into terrors soon, drawing on your house, ketchup on white shirts... OMG. xo

  2. New follower! Our babies are close in age!