Friday, 21 October 2011

Half Term!

Since my husband is a teacher, I sort of live for school holidays. I mean, who doesn't love extra quality family time (and by 'family time' I mean the hubster watching the kids in the morning so I can take a shower for longer than 5 minutes, and put on make up in the bathroom rather than squinting at my reflection in the toaster).
But, I'm excited for reals, you guys.  We're heading off to Cardiff for the week, and spending some time in our old stomping grounds. As much as I love living up North, I do miss Cardiff insanely a lot. My to-do list is much too long  (is it bad that 90% of the things on the list have either to do with eating food at certain places or drinking alcohol at certain other places?) but I'm hoping we can get around to all of the places we love and hug all of the people we love.

If I've managed to survive the 4 hour car journey with the babies, you can expect updates throughout the week.

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