Sunday, 16 October 2011

Harvest Time!

Although the weather app on my phone told me that the weekend was going to be a washout, it actually turned out to be lovely. Blue skies, blossoming chrysanthemums, and crisp autumn air.

When the weather is quintessential to the season like this, I always feel obliged to do something seasonal. So today we went apple picking in my father-in-law's allotment.

We picked our apples and loaded up on lots of fresh autumn veg. Iwan took a bite out of a raw potato. Elle sucked on her coat collar and took it all in.

It was just one of those colorful, bright, days where nothing much happens, but the kids come home muddy and tired.  We didn't finish much on our weekend to-do list, but I know we'll sleep well tonight.

The weekend went by too fast, but these smiles will tide me over until the next one rolls around.

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