Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mio bambino in Bambino Mio

This week I'm taking part in a cloth nappy challenge in partnership with Emma's Diary and Bambino Mio. Although we're no strangers to cloth in this house, we have become a bit more reliant on disposables for bedtime and naptime. So my challenge for the week is to keep Elle in cloth all of the time- and try to get my "cloth mojo" back. Because with two in diapers, I haven't been feeling quite as enthusiastic about cloth nappies. But Bambino Mio sent us 3 of their hot-off-the-presses new MioSolo nappy to try. I'll give a full-on review once we get through the week, but so far we're quite happy with them. You can see how much Elle enjoys her Mio Solo in Parma Violet!

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