Friday, 23 October 2009

Holy October, Batman!

I didn't really expect so much to be going on this month. I had no idea how busy this month would be (hence the lack of updates, for which I apologize). But October has come along and hit me upside the head with a great big reality check!
For starters, I have gone back to work at a new job. The work itself is nothing completely exciting, mostly general admin stuff. But it pays well, and the people in my office are great and very friendly. My hope is to be able to work there until the baby is born in April (or until I get too uncomfortable to contemplate working), take the spring and summer off to be with the bambino, and then go back to teaching next fall. And being the planner that I am, you can bet I already have feelers out to accomplish this plan, not only the teaching aspect, but a place to keep the little nugget while Gez and I are at work. Yup, I've already been in touch with several daycares. Ideally we would've liked to put the baby in a Welsh-language nursery, but there just don't seem to be any that are located conveniently for us. We did discuss the option of driving out of the way, but I really think I'd be uncomfortable if the baby wasn't near to either home or one of our jobs in the event of an emergency. Luckily though, there seems to be a great one just literally around the corner from our new house, so we have an appointment for a tour in a few weeks on the same day as our big ultrasound! Cross your fingers that the children in this daycare look happy and well-adjusted, and a good proximity away from knives, lead paint, campain posters for the British National Party, hard core porn, and the Teletubbies. If everything looks good, safe, nurturing, and reasonably educational then it sure would make things much easier!
Speaking of the new house, that's another large October project. It's really great to watch it come together. The new carpet was put in a couple of weeks ago and made a huge difference, we were able to get in and paint the living room last weekend, so now all we have to do is paint the accent walls in our bedroom and the dining room. Oh yeah, and pack up our flat and move all of our crap. Crap. We should be packing this weekend, but I'm not sure how much is going to get done, considering as I write this I've been laid up with a nasty bug for the past few days. I'm hoping that I'm feeling well enough to get a little bit done this weekend, but most likely it'll turn into a last-minute job where things are thrown into boxes willy-nilly (I always sort of have this fantasy where all the boxes are beautiful labelled and marked for the right room, while their contents are cross referenced in organizational perfection). Ah well, I suppose as long as it gets there, right?

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