Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Desperately Seeking Sunshine

Ever notice the effect that the slightest hint of a nice day has on people in March?  It's as if, by this point, we're so desperate for any sign of Summer that we're willing to to great lengths to pretend it's actually July.  We had a gorgeous day here last week.  The kind of day that made me want to open every window in the house, turn on some samba music, and whip up a big pitcher of sangria.  Apparently it was a beautiful day the length and breadth of Wales, because I heard from my sister-in-law that the university students in Cardiff could be seen making their way to the city's green spaces, dressed in shorts and flip-flops, and setting up barbecues.  Doesn't that thought just make you happy?  I mean, if we're being realistic, shorts and flip flops are probably pushing it, but we're talking about students here.  Students have a heightened sensitivity to the arrival of Spring, so seeing several of them draping themselves languidly over the park grass, sunglasses in place, and red plastic cup in hand, is as much a sign of coming warm weather as a robin pulling a worm from the garden.
So the report of students starting their migration this year was welcome news in our house.  We're feeling ready for some sunshine.  Apparently, however, the temperature in North Wales was not quite as balmy as in Cardiff, because there was still a bit of a chill in the air, which meant Iwan and I could not yet lie languidly in the garden soak up the rays.  The sangria would have to wait (several years in his case, several months in mine).  Luckily though, our house is equipped with a wonderful in-between option:  The conservatory, or a sun room for you Americans.  Since we moved into our house in late November, we hadn't been able to properly use this space.  It's main job until recently was to hold unpacked and broken down boxes, Christmas  wrapping, and various bits that needed to be taken to the garden shed.  However, being not that far removed from students ourselves, our springy-senses were a-tingling last weekend, and so we my husband spent the better part of Saturday tidying the place up.  The man was a machine.  He swept up yucky dead spiders (that I had noticed for a month or so but didn't go near because they were scary), mopped, vacuumed, and even scrubbed windows.  With the sunshine streaming through the newly sparkling glass, it was easy to see what a pleasant space this would be for the next several months.
And with that, we've begun our emergence into the sunlight.  Like animals emerging from a den, it felt nice to let the fresh, chilly breeze blow over our skin, whisking away the winter blues with promises of even nicer days to come.  I can't wait for warm summer days, when Iwan and I can play out on the patio or the lawn, while the doors of the conservatory are thrown open, and the new baby naps peacefully (delusional much?) in the moses basket.
We've got our flip flops and sunglasses ready to go!  What are you looking forward to this summer?

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