Sunday, 27 March 2011

Better in Britain- Guest Post over on Transatlantic Blonde

As an extra treat for today, I'm being featured as a guest poster over on Transatlantic Blonde .  I have been following Blondie for a couple of years now, so needless to say I was quite excited to be able to contribute!  So head on over and check her out!  Like me, she's an American expat raising a little boy in the UK, but there's more to her blog than the usual mommy stuff.  Enjoy!

Whenever I get into a discussion with a stranger over here (and it happens a lot- friendly American that I am) there’s almost always a moment, about 45 seconds into the conversation, where they realize that I’m not a wayward tourist, but that I’m actually choosing to live in Britain.  In Wales for that matter.  Why?  They’ll ask, why in the name of Tom Jones and all that is holy would we live here when we could live there?  I get it, or at least I think I do, if all you know of a place is what you’ve seen on holiday or in the movies, it’s bound to look more fun/glamorous/exciting.  I mean, if someone I knew married Mickey Mouse I’d be shocked if they didn’t choose to live at Disney World.  But, while there would certainly be some advantages to upping sticks for America, there are a few things that I think are much better in Britain and that I would definitely miss should we ever move....   Keep reading!  Find the rest of this post over at Transatlantic Blonde  


  1. I get the same 'why on earth did you move here' question all the time! I don't really understand why it's so hard to believe! x

  2. I ALWAYS get "Why did you move here?" I just say the charm of the Scottish male ;)

  3. I'm an American in Denmark, and I get asked this all the time too. To make matters worse, they tend to stop listening once they find out I married a Dane. Like, "oooh, so he made you come here, now I get it!" Argh!